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        The Travel Agency "Refaa TOURS" which takes its name from the huge and picturesque Mount "Refaa" which stands at 2318m altitude that comes second after the Mount Chelia is a natural replica Ghoufi . At the same mount is TARCHIOUINE which is a mountainous area full of natural balconies and allowed Ahmed Bey to take refuge after the fall of Constantine in 1837 in Ouled Fatma. The people of TARCHIOUINE have always retained their dialect Chaoui and traditions such as the manufacture of bunting - Cachabia, Hanbel and Ahrems, noting in passing that their movements are always done on horses and mules.

The Agency is led by its Director General in this case Mr. FERROUDJ Derradji has to his credit several senior positions in the administration and in the context of social and cultural activities including the organization and management of colonies holiday in Algeria and abroad.
We organize tourist trips in Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, the Maldives Islands, Dubai and circuits in the deep south of Algeria.

Refaa Tours travel agency undertakes to organize travel and accommodation with a very high service level, combining both his energy, enthusiasm and expertise.

We offer you a professional and qualified team to better prepare for your travels.

Our attention to detail ensures that everything runs smoothly from support groups for our staff to return to the airport. For transfers and services, we employ professional guides and drivers who will fill you with their expertise.